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1st Jul: Hancock (2008), 1hr 32m [PG-13] – Streaming Again (6.2/10)

[Streaming Again] Will Smith stars as Hancock, a down-and-out superhero who’s forced to employ a public relations expert to help repair his image.

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1st Jul: GoodFellas (1990), 2hr 25m [R] – Streaming Again (7.35/10)

[Streaming Again] Former mobster Henry Hill recounts his colorful yet violent rise and fall in a New York crime family — a high-rolling dream turned paranoid nightmare.

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1st Jul: Get Smart (2008), 1hr 49m [PG-13] – Streaming Again (6.25/10)

[Streaming Again] When the identities of secret agents are compromised, hapless Maxwell Smart teams with far more capable Agent 99 to thwart an evil terrorist group.

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1st Jul: The Dirty Dozen (1967), 2hr 29m [TV-MA] – Streaming Again (6.85/10)

[Streaming Again] During World War II, the US Army recruits 12 convicts for a secret mission that sends them behind enemy lines to kill high-ranking German officers.

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1st Jul: Deliverance (1972), 1hr 48m [R] – Streaming Again (6.85/10)

[Streaming Again] A canoeing trip down a Georgia river turns sinister when dangerous locals descend and force a group of friends to kill or be killed.

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1st Jul: Catch Me If You Can (2002), 2hr 21m [PG-13] – Streaming Again (7.05/10)

[Streaming Again] An FBI agent makes it his mission to put cunning con man Frank Abagnale Jr. behind bars. But Frank not only eludes capture, he revels in the pursuit.

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1st Jul: Boogie Nights (1997), 2hr 35m [R] – Streaming Again (6.95/10)

[Streaming Again] A well-endowed busboy is taken in by a tight-knit group of 1970s porn actors and transforms himself into skin flick celebrity Dirk Diggler.

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1st Jul: Big Daddy (1999), 1hr 33m [PG-13] – Streaming Again (6.2/10)

[Streaming Again] Sonny, who’s been slacking since law school, gets a crash course in personal responsibility when he suddenly finds himself taking care of a 5-year-old.

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1st Jul: Barefoot (2014), 1hr 29m [PG-13] – Streaming Again (6.25/10)

[Streaming Again] Hoping to show his family that he’s settling down, a janitor asks a patient at the psychiatric hospital where he works to pose as his girlfriend.

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1st Jul: Snatch (2000), 1hr 42m [R] – Streaming Again (7.15/10)

[Streaming Again] Two boxing promoters inadvertently get roped into a diamond heist when a gangster with an 84-carat gem and a gambling problem arrives in London.

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1st Jul: Mean Girls (2004), 1hr 36m [PG-13] – Streaming Again (6.55/10)

[Streaming Again] After being home-schooled abroad, new student Cady gets a crash course in high school life when popular clique the Plastics invites her to sit with them.

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1st Jul: The Lift Boy (2020), 1hr 46m [TV-MA] – Streaming Again (6.55/10)

[Streaming Again] When a lazy young man replaces his father as the elevator operator of a posh residential complex, what he sees as menial work soon takes on new meaning.

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