Small Business Internet Service

AirFiber ® is a business internet provider that uses a fixed wireless platform using the latest technology to deliver the internet to your business. Traditionally internet is delivered by phone or cable over a long copper cable that runs back to their facilities.  However the fastest point between two locations is over the air, and no one can deliver you faster to the internet than AirFiber.  AirFiber ®  Small Business Internet is delivered using a fixed wireless platform.

Choose the services you need

AirFiber ® as a business internet provider gives you the choice to have a reliable and fast internet service that does not require that you bundle with overpriced cable television.  AirFiber ® gives you the power to pick alternative services such as cheap VoIP service from the provider you choose to learn more click here.

Currently offering service in Carlton Mn, Cloquet Mn, Duluth Mn, Proctor Mn, and Superior Wi.

Service not available everywhere.**Site survey required on all business service requests. Additional equipment may be required such as a non-penetrating
roof mount billed @ $299.99. Modems purchased for Century Link, Charter, Frontier, or Mediacom services are not able to work with our service. Wifi not
included for business customers required to provide their own router.***Installation includes cable runs limited to 150' any cable over 150' will be billed
@ $1 foot. Static IP /30 available upon request billed $4.99/monthly recurring charge assigned via DHCP. Our service will work with 3rd party routers
or mesh systems to bring your own router online a separate AirFiber POE adapter may be required to bridge through to your equipment. The steps for bringing
your own router online are located in our help section.
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