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urban internet service

Urban Internet Service

AirFiber ® is an urban residential internet service provider that delivers internet to your home on a fixed wireless platform leveraging cutting-edge technology. Traditionally, the internet is delivered by a long copper connection that flows back to their facilities via phone or cable. A fixed wireless platform is used to supply AirFiber ® urban internet. Over the air is the fastest link between two points.  No one can deliver you to the internet faster than AirFiber.

Stream whatever you want

As an urban residential internet provider, AirFiber ® knows your service requirements. You want to watch your favorite shows and listen to your favorite music at home. Whether you’re an audiophile seeking that perfect music.  Maybe you’re trying to keep up with your newest streaming binge.  No matter what your doing we’ve got you covered. Currently offering service in Carlton Mn, Cloquet Mn, Duluth Mn, Proctor Mn, and Superior WI.

Living in an apartment ? renting a house ? We need the permission slip below filled out, and returned to provide service in rental properties.

Service is not available everywhere. A site survey may be required depending on the location, or package selected. Speeds are configured as limits, not as
guarantees. A customer-provided router will be required to connect to our service. You may own. one. We can rent you one for $7/month we do not manage the
devices behind it. Modems purchased for Century Link (Lumen), Charter (Spectrum), and Mediacom (Extreme) services are not able to work with other service
providers. Static IP /30 available upon request billed $14.99/monthly recurring charge assigned via DHCP.  Our service will work with 3rd party routers or
we recommend a mesh systems to bring your own router online a separate AirFiber POE adapter may be required to bridge through to your equipment. The steps
for bringing your own router online are located in our help section. **Auto-Pay Discount of $10 automatically removed if Auto-Pay is removed.  
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