New to Netflix

5th Jun: Barracuda Queens (2023), 6 Episodes [TV-MA] (6/10)

When they fall deep into debt, a group of young women in an affluent Stockholm suburb turns to robbing their neighbors’ houses. Inspired by real events.

5th Jun: Stronger (2017), 1hr 58m [R] (6.45/10)

Upon losing his legs in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, Jeff Bauman navigates the incident’s overwhelming aftermath in this true story-based drama.

5th Jun: Living (2022), 1hr 42m [PG-13] (6.6/10)

A rigid and formal English bureaucrat’s icy reserve begins to melt when a dire prognosis inspires him to build a surprising legacy.

5th Jun: Ben 10 (2007), 4 Seasons [TV-Y7] – Streaming Again (6.7/10)

[Streaming Again] Thanks to a mysterious device known as the Omnitrix, mischievous youngster Ben Tennyson has the power to morph into an array of alien superheroes.

4th Jun: Amazing Grace (2020), 4 Episodes [TV-MA] (7.8/10)

After a shocking tragedy, Grace does what it takes to provide for her younger siblings while beginning a complicated romance with a pastor’s son.

3rd Jun: You Cannot Hide (2020), 10 Episodes [TV-MA] – New Episodes (6.2/10)

[New Episodes] A nurse and her daughter flee her husband’s drug-trafficking past in Mexico and assume new identities in Spain, but still face danger in Madrid.

3rd Jun: Another Miss Oh (2016), 18 Episodes [TV-MA] – New Episodes (6.9/10)

[New Episodes] A sound director who suddenly starts getting visions of someone else’s future gets mired in the lives of two women, who happen to share the same name.

3rd Jun: Possessed (2019), 16 Episodes [TV-MA] – New Episodes (6.3/10)

[New Episodes] A reluctant clairvoyant joins forces with a brusque police detective hiding a soft heart to help him solve criminal cases using her psychic abilities.

3rd Jun: Stolen Away (2020), 11 Episodes [TV-MA] – New Episodes (6.55/10)

[New Episodes] Searching for his kidnapped daughter, Antonio sets off a series of events affecting scores of people when he maneuvers to be sent to prison in Colombia.

3rd Jun: The Snitch Cartel: Origins (2021), 60 Episodes [TV-MA] – New Episodes (5.9/10)

[New Episodes] Over four decades, two brothers in Cali juggle family duties, multiple romances and illegal businesses, transforming from poor kids to cocaine kingpins.

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